What people are saying about the guitars

"This guitar is pretty special. One of the prettiest guitars I've ever seen, and seems to be really well built. You can tell Steve takes pride in what he does, and I'm glad I bought one of his guitars before the prices go way up. This is way nicer than a lot of higher priced guitars I've played/owned, and is much better looking. I'd been wanting a Les Paul for a while, but this is better. Highly recommend!" - James W.

And when it comes to repairs

"I usually take my guitars to ******* for setups, but I find their rates a little high so I was looking for an alternative. Steven is very responsive when you shoot him an email, and he's very pleasant to work with. I really appreciate the fact that you can take your guitar to him, and instead of dropping it off, waiting a few days and getting it back without any feedback whatsoever from whoever did the setup, he will work on it in front of you, explain what he's finding, and of course show you what he's doing. So instead of paying a flat rate, you only pay for what really needs to be done, and you can see it done on top of it, and you get some input on what's being done. He did a great job on my Epiphone and had some great advice for my resonator. I'll definitely come back!" - Oliver G


Hand Made Guitars

Can't buy these at Guitar Center

Quality Repairs

Quality guitar repair and modification

And More

There's more to me then just guitars.

Next Steps...

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