I’m not a fan of rules. It’s one of the reasons why I decided to walk the luthiery path but at this point in the journey, setting boundaries are necessary for continued growth and success. I appreciate all work and inquires past, present and future. To even be considered as the individual entrusted with your instruments is a privilege. In order for me to serve you the best way I know how I kindly ask that musicians interested in services please abide by the shop code. Jam On. – Stephen


  • Services are invoiced at the rate of $80hr.
  • 20-minute one-on-one instrument evaluations are offered as a courtesy.
  • Detailed evaluations and estimates are available on instruments that arrive with strings.
  • A $10 storage fee will be added to instruments that do not have a case.
  • Complimentary adjustments can be made up to 10 days after pick up


With so many ways to get things done nowadays, good old fashion email is the best way to schedule and discuss projects. My contact information is found below. If it happens to be more convenient, a message sent to my Facebook Page is also a great way to get in touch. If you’re more of a talker, me too! Although I can’t always get to my phone, I’m great at listening to voicemails and responding with a call back as soon as possible. Please remember I’m a one-man operation. There is no buffer between me and customers. When you reach out, you’re talking to the person directly working on your instrument.

Text message policy Inquires regarding scheduling and projects received through text message will be referred back to this page. Although there are occasions when the convenience of a text message is appropriate, keeping a professional distance and rapport is becoming increasingly more difficult in a hyper-connected world. Please consider emailing first.


  • No call. No show. No work. If we schedule a time to get together, honor that commitment. I fully understand life throws curveballs sometimes. If you can not make a scheduled appointment please let me know ASAP.
  • If parts are needed and not provided a deposit will be collected during the instrument evaluation.
  • Final invoices will be emailed when work is completed. Payment is due upon completion. Installment payments on repair and modification projects will not be accepted.
  • If an instrument lingers for too long after notice of completion, a storage fee will be added to the total.
Looks like I’m not the only shop in town with a code!